Registration Fees
Governor Elect Training Seminar (with Spouse)
IDR 4.900.000 (~US$ 360)
Governor Nominee Training Seminar
IDR 2.300.000 (~US$ 170)
Council on Legislation
IDR 1.400.000 (~US$ 100)
District Team Trainer Seminar
IDR 1.400.000 (~US$ 100)
Regional Rotary Foundation Seminar *
IDR 1.400.000 (~US$ 100)
Institute (Rtn)
IDR 4.320.000 (~US$ 320)
Institute (Spouse)
IDR 3.375.000 (~US$ 250)
Institute (Rtn + Spouse)
IDR 7.425.000 (~US$ 550)
IDR 0 (~US$ 0)
The institute registration fee includes the Spectacular Prambanan Show on 1st December. Prambanan is a 13th century UNESCO World Heritage site where international performers such as David Foster and Sarah Brightman have performed there.

We are using fixed conversion rate of US$ 1 = Rp. 13.500,-, however all the payment will be converted using a prevailing conversion rate set by the your financial institution. To see the current rate you can check on

For the participants of Rotary Regional Foundation Seminar, lunch will be provided complimentary, at the MD/AKS lunch room for MD/AKS level Participants, and at a separate lunch room for non AKS/MD.

For MD/AKS level Rotarians/spouse who are NOT participating the RRFS, and are interested to join MD/AKS lunch, a fee of USD$50.00 will be charged on the spot.

Terms & Condition :

  1. A 30% fee cancellation charge (from total payment) will be applied, if cancellation is made before September 30, 2018.
  2. No cancellation will be accepted after September 30, 2018.
  3. Although we will do our best to accommodate your requests, we reserve the rights to allocate your request depending on availability at the time.
  4. Food Allergy Notice : Please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients : MILK, EGGS, WHEAT, SOYBBEAN, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, FISH AND SHELLFISH.

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