I am so happy to welcome all of you to what I know will be one of the most enjoyable Rotary Institutes ever held in recent memory.

Yogyakarta is a fabulous venue and so aside from the humdrum pre-institute topics of Pre-GETS, Pre-GNTS, Pre-DTTS, Pre-RFS, and a terrific Pre-Institute Golf Tournament in a world class golf course, we will have a Rotary Institute that you will all remember for a long long time.

We have a line up of world class Rotary experts talking on topics that have not been discussed in past Rotary meetings. These will be topics that will make you wonder why they were not taken up before. But with the leadership of the Yokyakarta Rotary organisational committee working hard to bring you the best Rotary institute ever, I am certain Indonesian hospitality and ingenuity will overwhelm all of us in a truly memorable experience.

Aside from the beautiful Hotel Tentrem venue, we will schedule a sunrise visit to the world famed Borobudur temple and to the Prambanan temple complex. There will be visits to the best batik factories, and the intricate silver smiths of Indonesia.

So get ready for an experience to remember. Bring your cameras and immerse yourself in an experience of a lifetime.

Welcome to Yogyakarta!!!

RIDE Rafael “Raffy” Garcia III
Convener, 2018 Yogyakarta Rotary Institute

PDG. Raffy Garcia

Fellow Rotarians

Selamat Datang ! Welcome to 2018 Yogya Rotary Zone Institute.

Yogyakarta is one of the foremost cultural centers of the 260 million people of Indonesia. It is the second most visited tourist spot besides Bali, with 60,000 tourists visiting Yogyakarta each year. This special region was the seat of 16th and 17th centuries of the mighty Javanese empire of Mataram. The special charm of inherited traditions of simplicity and refinement of classical Javanese dances, Gamelan music, and traditional arts have captivated visitors and left them spellbound.

In addition to immersing yourself into the discovery of Javanese culture, it is an opportunity for you to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Borobudur, built in the 14th century, proudly boasting 504 statues of Buddha and two million blocks reaching 115 feet height. The next significant UNESCO World Heritage Site is the 9th and 10th century Hindu complex of Prambanan.

With more than a thousand Rotarians expected to visit Yogyakarta, it is an opportunity to network with many friends. Most important of all, as professional service volunteers, it is an opportunity to keep updated in our accomplishments and get the chance to hear about the changes emerging in Rotary organization.

We are looking forward to your early registration to be part of the 2018 Rotary Zone Institute, a fun and dynamic event to understand the mystique of 17th century Javanese Mataram Kingdom and learn about the changing world of Rotary.

Eva Kurniaty
2018 Yogya Rotary Zone Institute

PDG Eva Kurniaty

Registration Here

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